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The diverse culture and history of the Turkey and its people provide an absorbing trip with almost too many highlights to mention. While sometimes considered Europe and others the Middle East, it’s exotic and colourful culture is definitely more Middle Eastern than European. Come explore the highlights of Turkey with us!


  • Discover the ancient history and monuments of the Ottoman Empire
  • Visit the Roman city of Ephesus
  • Optional balloon ride over Cappadocia
  • Check out the limestone cascades and thermal springs at Pamukkale
  • Option to add in a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia (weather permitting)




Arrive in Istanbul

Arrive anytime today make your own way to the start hotel and check in.

There is no formal sightseeing planned today (an orientation walk is included on your return to Istanbul on Day 14). Istanbul is one of the great cities of the world with a history spanning thousands of years. It has been through several incarnations, firstly as Byzantium, then Constantinople and finally Istanbul. If there is time, you can wander through the bustling streets and absorb the vibrancy of this exciting city that links Europe and Asia.

Daily Summary
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel


Anzac Battlefield Tour

This morning the welcome meeting will be at 9am. Then, we will depart for the Gallipoli Peninsula, the site of many significant battles during the First World War. We will visit the battlefields, learn about the events that took place here, and their particular importance to the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps).

Daily Summary
Tour: Anzac Battlefield Tour
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B

We will then cross the famous Dardanelles Strait, arriving in the city of Çanakkale in the late afternoon.

Approx. driving time from Istanbul to Çanakkale is 5.5 hours (not including stop in Gallipoli).


Historic Tour of Troy

This morning after breakfast we visit the city of Troy, immortalised in Homer’s Iliad. Once thought to be a place of legend, we will see the remnants of the ancient city walls and the famed wooden horse, while learning more about the ground-breaking archaeological digs that have taken place here.

Daily Summary
Tour: Historic Tour of Troy
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B

Afternoon Relaxing Along the Aegean Coast

We continue this afternoon to the seaside town of Ayvalik on Turkey’s north-western Aegean coast. Surrounded by an archipelago of picturesque islands, the town is full of historic stone houses, narrow cobblestoned streets and small shops/cafés selling local produce. We will have free time to explore the town, perhaps sampling some of the renowned local olive oil or Ayvalik tost (similar to a club sandwich).

Approx. driving time from Çanakkale to Ayvalik is 3.5 hours.


Wander Through the Capital of the Attalid Kingdom

After breakfast, we depart for the ancient Greek city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pergamon, the capital of the Attalid dynasty during the Hellenistic period (approx. 323-31 BC). We will take a scenic cable car up to the Acropolis, which contains the most important remains of Pergamon.

Daily Summary
Tour: Wander Through the Capital of the Attalid Kingdom
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B

See the temples, palaces, library, and theatre and learn about the significance of this special archaeological site.

We will continue on to the coastal town of Kusadasi, where the evening will be free for you to rest or explore at leisure.

Approx. driving time from Ayvalik to Kusadasi is 3.5 hours.


Visit One of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

This morning we will visit the ancient site of Ephesus, one of the best-preserved classical cities in the eastern Mediterranean and a great example of Greco-Roman architecture. Always an important religious centre, Ephesus was founded by Ionian Greeks in the 11th century BC and flourished under Roman rule. The Greeks replaced the cult of the Anatolian fertility goddess Cybele with Artemis and built a fabulous temple in her honour. With the arrival of the Romans, it became the Temple of Diana and was one of the original seven wonders of the ancient world. We visit the vast amphitheatre, stroll the marble streets once graced by Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and marvel at the gymnasium, baths and wonderfully restored Library of Celsus.

Daily Summary
Tour: Visit One of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
Tour: Selçuk City Tour
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B

Selçuk City Tour

After the visit to Ephesus, we will head to Selçuk and visit Isa Bey Mosque – a fine example of early Seljukian architecture – and St John’s Basilica. There will also be some free time, during which we recommend a visit to the fascinating Ephesus Archaeological Museum. We return to Kusadasi for the evening.

Approx. driving times between Kusadasi and Ephesus/Selçuk is 30 minutes.


Explore the limestone cascades of Pamukkale and the Roman ruins of Hierapolis.

Today, we will drive to the unique site of Pamukkale, also known as ‘Cotton Castle’. This spectacular natural phenomenon was created by deposits from thermal waters that cascaded down the mountainside over hundreds of years, forming myriad pools and terraces. As the water overflows from the pools, dazzling cream-coloured stalactites are formed that, from afar, resemble cotton or snow. The pools are filled with hot spring waters that supposedly have healing properties. Close to Pamukkale are the ruins of Hierapolis, which was founded by the King of Pergamon in 190 BC and by the 2nd century AD had become an important Roman bath centre. The extensive ruins of Hierapolis are well worth exploring and include a theatre, temple, holy area, monumental fountain, bath, basilica and necropolis. We will spend the afternoon discovering the travertines and ancient city.

Approx. driving time from Kusadasi to Pamukkale is 3 hours.

Daily Summary
Tour: Explore the limestone cascades of Pamukkale and the Roman ruins of Hierapolis.
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B


Guided Visit of Xanthos and Kas

This morning we depart Pamukkale and travel to the seaside town of Kas. On the way, we will stop to visit Xanthos, the capital city of the Lycian Federation and arguably its most important city throughout Lycian history. After a guided visit, we will continue on the road to Kas.

Daily Summary
Tour: Guided Visit of Xanthos and Kas
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B

Situated on the Teke Peninsula, the small port town of Kas was known as Habesos or Habesa in ancient Lycia, and as Antiphellos to the ancient Greeks. Today, there are still several Lycian rock-cut sarcophagi in the town, as well as a well-preserved Hellenistic theatre on the outskirts of town. The afternoon is free to explore Kas’ cobbled streets, handicraft shops and lively cafés.

Approx. driving time from Pamukkale to Kas is 4 hours.



Today is a free day to relax or take advantage of the many activities available on the Turquoise Coast in and around Kas. Options include a boat trip to the sunken city of Kekova (minimum of 8 passengers required), relaxing at Kaputas Beach or a visit to the ancient theatre in Kas.

Daily Summary
Tour: Kas
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B


Walk through the Kaleiçi and the Roman Harbour

This morning we depart for Antalya, one of Turkey’s most popular beach resorts. Arriving in the early afternoon, we will visit the ancient Kaleiçi (old city). With its narrow, cobbled streets and historic Ottoman-era houses, the Kaleiçi has retained much of its historical character while hosting a plethora of bars, restaurants and shops. During our walk, you will see Hadrian’s Gate (also known as the Triple Gate due to its three archways), the old Roman harbour and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. You may also want to visit the Antalya Museum this afternoon, with its wonderful collection of sculptures from the Roman period, or Phaselis Ancient City.

Approx. driving time from Kas to Antalya is 3.5 hours.

Daily Summary
Tour: Walk through the Kaleiçi and the Roman Harbour
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B


Ancient Theatres and the Famous Whirling Dervishes

This morning we will visit Aspendos, considered to be the best-preserved theatre of the ancient world. Once named Belkis, the city of Aspendos was founded by the Hittites, but it was Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD) who ordered the 15,000-seater theatre to be built. After exploring the ancient site, which is still used for performances today, we continue on to Konya, known as Iconium in Roman times. Konya was an important city of the Seljuk Empire and is the birthplace of the mystic Sufi order popularly known as the ‘Whirling Dervishes’.

Approx. driving time from Antalya to Konya is 4.5 hours.

Daily Summary
Tour: Ancient Theatres and the Famous Whirling Dervishes
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel
Meals: B


Mevlana Museum and Rumi’s Tomb

This morning we visit the Mevlana Museum, the former home of the Whirling Dervishes and the location of Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi’s tomb. Mevlana, also known simply as Rumi, was a 13th century Anatolian mystic and Muslim saint whose poetry is known across the world. The museum is now a pilgrimage site and the building’s fluted dome of turquoise tiles is one of Turkey’s most recognisable sights.

Daily Summary
Tour: Mevlana Museum and Rumi’s Tomb
Tour: Go Underground to the Sultanhani Caravanserai
Tour: Rock Hewn Churches and River Walks
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel
Meals: B

Go Underground to the Sultanhani Caravanserai

After, we continue to the fascinating Cappadocia region. Shaped by wind and water, the rock formations, rock-hewn churches, cave dwellings and underground cities must be seen to be believed! This afternoon we will visit the Sultanhani caravanserai, one of the largest in the world. Constructed in the 13th century, this Seljuk caravanserai was used as a rest stop for merchants and other travellers on the Silk Road.

Rock Hewn Churches and River Walks

Our last stop of the day is the breath-taking Ihlara Valley on the slopes of Mount Hasan (one of the volcanoes responsible for the formation of Cappadocia). We will embark on a walk beside the Melendiz River, seeing beautiful natural scenery and dozens of rock-hewn churches and monasteries, many of which are decorated with exquisite biblical frescoes. We end the day at our accommodation in Göreme.

Approx. driving time from Konya to Cappadocia is 4 hours.


Goreme Open Air Museum Tour

After breakfast, we will visit Cappadocia’s main attraction: the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Göreme Open Air Museum, a vast monastic complex comprising churches, monasteries and dwellings, as well as its underground city. Thought to have started life as a Byzantine monastic settlement, Göreme Open Air Museum became a pilgrimage site during the 17th century and is a must-see location for all visitors to Cappadocia. The rock-hewn churches contain wonderful frescoes, whose colours are still vivid after hundreds of years.

Daily Summary
Tour: Goreme Open Air Museum Tour
Tour: The Underground Cities of Cappadocia
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel
Meals: B

The Underground Cities of Cappadocia

We will also visit one of Cappadocia’s fascinating underground cities (Derinkuyu or Kaymakli, depending on availability and other local considerations). It is believed that these cities were formed as early as the 8th century BC by the Phrygian people to protect their inhabitants from wars and conflicts taking place above ground. The dwellings continued to be used until the early 20th century, when they were abandoned.

Additional Options For Day 12

Hot Air Ballon Ride over Cappadocia

Early in the morning, you have the option to experience a memorable hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia’s otherworldly fairy chimneys.


Explore Safranbolu on Foot

This morning we have an early departure for the charming UNESCO-listed town of Safranbolu. Arriving late in the afternoon, we will take an orientation walk around this quaint and picturesque town. Wander the cobblestone streets and take in the beautifully preserved timber houses with their distinctive red-tiled roofs. Safranbolu has a strong Ottoman heritage and is a great place to experience the Turkey of yesteryear.

Approx. driving time from Cappadocia to Safranbolu is 6.5 hours.

Daily Summary
Tour: Explore Safranbolu on Foot
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Meals: B


Orientation Walk of Istanbul

This morning we will depart Safranbolu for Istanbul. In the afternoon, you may have free time or you can take an orientation walk around this culture- and history-rich city. We will head to Sultanahmet (the Old City, formerly Constantinople), where ancient empires were found and historical sites intertwine with the living, breathing Istanbul of today.

Daily Summary
Tour: Orientation Walk of Istanbul
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel
Meals: B

We will visit sites including the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome, where Byzantine Emperors observed chariot races along with thousands of baying fans. We will also meander through the Grand Bazaar, packed with over 3,000 stalls of handcrafted jewellery, textiles and books, along with the renowned Spice Market.

Approx. driving time from Safranbolu to Istanbul is 5 hours.



Our adventure ends after breakfast in Istanbul. You may choose to take the group transfer to the airport if you wish.

Daily Summary
Tour: Departure
Meals: B



Please note that one or several of the named properties might be substituted for similar alternatives in order to secure hotel availability. Please discuss with your Agent as trip details are subject to change without notice by the suppliers and operators involved.


Please note that one or several of the named properties might be substituted for similar alternatives in order to secure hotel availability. Please discuss with your Agent as trip details are subject to change without notice by the suppliers and operators involved.


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