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Discover a world you never knew existed; the 59th parallel, Land of the Eskers and the pristine North Seal River in Manitoba, a Canadian Heritage river. Explore the region’s geologic attractions, history, wildlife, flora and fauna for an unforgettable wilderness experience. Add on beluga whale watching in Churchill for added wildlife viewing.


  • Located in the ‘land of little sticks’, 60 miles south of the treeline and the Nunavut border
  • Pure wilderness, accessible only by airplane, North Seal River is epicentre of Gangler’s exclusive 5-million acre concession
  • A unique mix of diverse habitat and water, offering on land and water activities
  • Manitoba’s prime location for amazing sand eskers, with six eskers traversing this area, including the historic Robertson esker
  • Option to add on beluga whale viewing in Churchill, before or after your stay at the lodge




Arrive in Winnipeg from your home city. A Gangler’s expediter will meet you at the airport and take heavier bags to load onto the charter flight. Your hotel is located right across the street from the airport terminal, where you are booked for a one-night stay.

Daily Summary
Transportation: Fly to Winnipeg


Early this morning at 4:45am you will be picked up from the hotel by the Gangler’s expediter and transferred to the charter terminal. Board your charter flight for departure at 5:30am and travel north to Gangler’s Lodge, located on the North Seal River in Northern Manitoba. You will arrive at the lodge between 8:30-9:00am and make your way from the lodge’s airstrip to the lodge. If special assistance is needed please advise us in advance if possible so we can advise the staff at the lodge. Your bags will be delivered to your cabin.

Daily Summary
Transportation: Charter Flight from Winnipeg to Gangler’s Lodge
Accommodation: Gangler’s Lodge
Meals: B, L, D

There will be a breakfast/brunch in the lodge with a short introduction of the lodge. You have a choice of optional activities to take part in for the afternoon. Hors d’oeuvres will be served in the lodge, followed by dinner at 7:00pm.


Choose your Own Adventure at Gangler’s Lodge

Enjoy your choice of optional activities offered, such as mountain biking, kayaking or canoeing, wildlife viewing tours, history tours, fishing or add-on a float plane tour (extra cost payable locally). Hors d’oeuvres are served in the lodge daily at 5:00pm, with dinner following at 7:00pm. You may wish to take part in an evening tour, as offered.

Daily Summary
Tour: Choose your Own Adventure at Gangler’s Lodge
Accommodation: Gangler’s Lodge
Meals: B, L, D


Morning Walk Through Town

This morning you will enjoy breakfast in the lodge before preparing your baggage for pick up from your cabin. Once the charter flight arrives, you will board and, once your baggage is loaded, you’ll depart for Winnipeg. Transfer to the main Winnipeg International Airport terminal to check in for your flight back to your home city. If you wish to stay in Winnipeg tonight please ask us to add in an extra night hotel stay.

This tour can be combined with one of our Churchill Beluga Whale Watching tours, packaging the wilderness lodge experience with beluga whale watching from the town of Churchill, on the shore of Hudson Bay. You might also see Arctic fox, Arctic hare, ptarmigan, snowy owls, and sometimes even the odd polar bear that hasn’t gone out onto the tundra for the summer.

Daily Summary
Transportation: Fly from Gangler’s Lodge to Winnipeg or Churchill
Meals: B, L
Additional Options For Day 6

Churchill Beluga Extension Options

Create a Combo tour by adding on a Churchill Beluga Tour either before or after your stay at Gangler’s Lodge. Please check with us for availability at the lodge before we start arranging the Churchill Beluga program. We will co-ordinate your lodge stay with your Churchill tour.

The Churchill extension is offered as a 4 day/3 night program, but can also be done as a 3 day/2 night or a 5 day/4 night program, depending on what you want to do in Churchill, the time you have and the schedule of touring options. Touring options that are included in the set 4 day/3 night program are the Beluga Whales and Fort Boat Tour, the Beluga Zodiac Tour, Churchill Town and Area Tour and the Roads and Trails Tour. Note: Beluga whale tours can only operate at high tide, so the tidal schedule has to be taken into consideration when booking your program. There may be times when not all four tours will fit into the 4 day tour. In those cases your price will be adjusted to compensate for the tour you are unable to participate in.

Churchill Belugas before your lodge stay: we’ll arrange for your airfare one-way from Winnipeg to Churchill via commercial carrier, your accommodation there and beluga whale tours. Gangler’s will pick you up in Churchill on the first day of your lodge program, fly you to the lodge and then back to Winnipeg after your four nights at the lodge.

Churchill after your lodge stay: Gangler’s will fly you to the lodge and then on to Churchill after your four nights at the lodge. In Churchill we’ll arrange your transfer from the airport to the hotel, your accommodation  and beluga whale tours, then a one-way airfare by commercial flight from Churchill to Winnipeg.

Prices start at CA$1,755 – twin; CA$1,630 – triple; CA$2,215 – single. Prices are “starting from” rates, shown in CA$, based on two people sharing a twin room three people in a triple and one person in a single.

The price of your actual program may vary from those shown depending on: the availability of commercial flights, the number of nights of accommodation in Churchill, hotel availability and tours chosen that fit into your time frame. We will provide you with a personalized quote for your program at the time of your request.



Chances are, if you find yourself in this inimitable locale, it’s not just because you love fishing. Yes, there are vast amounts of really, really, big fish. But your trip to North Seal River Lodge is also about adventure, discovery and luxury. Our main lodge based on the shores of Egenolf Lake caters to the kind of fisherman you already are, and nudges you to become the fisherman you’ve always wanted to be.


Call for dates and pricing 

The Gangler’s North Seal Wilderness Sub-Arctic Adventure is also available as a 10 day/9 night program requiring 1 night of accommodation in Winnipeg (not included in the package price, but can be added on request) and 8 nights at the lodge. Please inquire for details, dates and pricing. Information about the lodge and North Seal area: Located in the ‘land of little sticks’, 60 miles south of the treeline and the Nunavut border, this incredible area is only accessible by airplane. A unique mix of diverse habitat and water, it is Manitoba’s prime location for the amazing sand eskers, as six eskers transverse this area including the historic Robertson esker. Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge, Manitoba’s only Orvis endorsed lodge, is based on Egenolf Lake, a main juncture for the North Seal. This is the epicenter of Gangler’s exclusive 5 million-acre concession with over 12 rivers and 100 lakes. The lodge offers a multitude of experiences to choose from. Enjoy a day of incredible fishing including an amazing Canadian shore lunch, learn to fly-fish, kayak and canoe, hike, take an amazing ATV ride on an esker, amazing photo opportunities, even ride a mountain bike on the eskers. You will see wildlife with black bears, moose, wolves, wolverines, eagles, loons and more. Enjoy our bear and wolf viewing areas. Take a floatplane ride on a classic De Havilland Beaver. Walk in the footsteps of ancient explorers, learn about local Cree and Dene cultures and history and see historic archeological sites. Other exciting optional side trips are available. Walk where few men have walked before. This truly unique destination offers amazing experiences you will cherish forever. The North Seal is located at the very top of the transitional Sub-boreal forest. It is beautiful country easy to hike and explore, almost like manicured Parkland.  Explore our vast territory and see all the wildlife this area is teaming with such as bear, moose, wolf, otter, eagle, osprey and more. Whether you desire beautiful vistas and scenic panoramas, or our resident North Seal wildlife, you will have endless opportunities for World-class photography. Feel free to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the North Seal with a kayak or canoe trip. Comfortable, Clean, Civilized Accommodation in a Beautiful, Serene Setting. One extremely important intangible in a wilderness lodge is size. Many Canadian lodges hold 40,50, even 60 people. As nice as they may be, it just doesn’t make sense to us to fly to a remote camp just to settle in with another horde of people. That’s what guests are trying to leave behind. If leaving the dock in the morning resembles rush hour in Chicago, what’s the point? Gangler’s Lodge has made camp size a priority and their philosophy is to keep their camps small. By limiting the main lodge to only 24 guests each guest is ensured the personalized attention he or she deserves. Each camp is designed to be unique in layout and flavor and all accommodations are 5 star and recognized as the finest in the North. The North Seal in itself is an exquisite experience. The ‘Land of Little Sticks,’ it has a beauty that is unique. We are now offering at the main lodge an amazing assortment of experiences to add to your stay. Canoeing, kayaking, esker tours, bear and wolf viewing, photography, birding, mountain biking, nature tours, your choices are many. Whether you are at Gangler’s on a fishing trip or an adventure experience, enjoy the full flavor of the unique North Seal region in a trip we will customize to your wishes. Activities: Mountain Biking The North Seal River region of Northern Manitoba has long been heralded as one of the last remaining pristine areas in North America. Located almost 200 miles from the closest road, this area is accessible only by airplane, and primarily by floatplane. Designated a protected Canadian Heritage River system, it is a confluence of 12 other rivers and drainages merging into the North Seal as it winds its way to Hudson Bay. It is a unique, beautiful area and its uniqueness is a natural to enjoy by mountain bike. The key feature to the NSR area is the sand eskers. Sand eskers are unique, geological formations formed by run-off from the rivers under glaciers that long-ago dominated this area. Rising 200-300’ in the air and running continuously for tens of miles, they are a natural travel route for the moose, bear, wolves, and other animals that call this area home. This terrain is ideal for exploring by mountain bike. The surrounding area is the last vestiges of the Subboreal transitional forest. Resembling a fine parkland manicured only by Nature’s hand, it is perfect for offshoot explorations and side routes. To access this remote frontier requires a 5 star outfitter, ensuring exploration at its finest level with professional expertise. Ganglers, renowned with over 30+ years of outfitting in the remotest reaches of Northern Canada, is the ONLY outfitter qualified for this challenge. Ganglers is offering two adventures, one for the intermediate traveller and another for the more adventurous. World-class mountain biking, mixed with incredible fishing, scenery and wildlife viewing. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.?This will be an adventure you will always cherish! Mountain biking (1/2 day) Salsa Fat tire bikes offer an enjoyable escapade through the Northern forest and Eskers. Kayaking/Canoeing Enjoy the pristine, unspoiled beauty of this region as nature intended. The North Seal area has miles and miles of river and lake to safely explore by kayak and canoe. Take  a 2 1/2 hour trip from the main lodge to mouth of the river which enriches Egenolf Lake. Paddle next to an actual Beaver house. For the more adventurous, let us know what you desire- we are sure the miles of North Seal River will satisfy your adventurous spirit. Back river Kayak tour by Beaver house (4 hrs.) A relaxing treat with a short and easy kayak trip down the back river of Egenolf Lake. Pass by an actual beaver house. Canoeing A peaceful way to enjoy the Canadian waters from the lodge. Esker Tours Travel the sand eskers, our unique geographical feature, the basis of our Northern ecosystem. Travel by mountain bike, hike, or enjoy our Polaris Ranger as we take you on a tour into this subarctic wilderness. Some eskers run a continuous 20 miles or more. Esker ride by Polaris Ranger  (1/2 day) A trip down the lodge esker by Polaris Ranger extending several miles. A chance to take in the beautiful views and varied terrain of Northern Manitoba. We will explain how the eskers figure prominently into the local wildlife along with spotting sign of them. Nature/History Tours Enjoy learning about the fauna and history of the prehistoric area. We will show you the travel routes the aboriginal people used in their ancient hunting and later on, trapping routes for the first European traders. Egenolf Lake was named after Father Joseph Egenolf, a missionary priest who traveled these routes in the first part of the 1900s by freighter canoe as he visited the local people. Lakeside History tour (1/2 day) A tour of the lake and explanation of the various archeological points as this lake and the surrounding eskers were used by ancient hunters. Enjoy Caribou and wild game sausage Made from wild game from the North Seal area, crafted by a custom German Winnipeg sausage maker Visit real Trapper’s cabin (2 hrs.) An actual trappers cabin built and used by one of our guides who has trapped this area for over 40 years. Bear, Wolf, Moose & Bird Viewing The North Seal boasts a plethora of wildlife. Enjoy seeing bear, moose, wolves, wolverines, martens and more. Enjoy our special wolf and bear viewing areas. A serious birder will have a field day enjoying the Northern species. Bear viewing (1/2 day) A designated viewing site where local black bear come in to feed. Wolf viewing (evening) The pack stirs as the Northern evening sets in. Maybe you will be fortunate to enjoy a visit at this remote site! Northern Lights The ‘Aurora Borealis’, a spectacle everyone should experience at least once in their life. The ‘lava lamp in the sky,’ never fails to take your breath away. Best times for viewing are August and September. Fishing Options 1 day fishing for 2 including Canadian Shore Lunch (all tackle provided) Whether an avid fisher person or a newcomer to the sport, the world-class fishing action of the North Seal will dazzle anyone. Highlighted by the true Northern delicacy, your guide will expertly make you the fresh-caught Canadian shore lunch. Fly-casting lessons (2 hrs.) Instruction from our Orvis endorsed staff on the beautiful sport of flycasting. Fishing for grayling (fly or spinning) 1/2 day A visit to the outflow of the majestic North Seal River on Egenolf Lake and the chance to fish for Arctic Grayling Floatplane Trips Egenolf Lake trip  ( 1-1/2 hrs.) (extra cost $250 per person) A slice of the North with a floatplane trip around Egenolf Lake where you can see some of the North Seal River- a Canadian Heritage River- and some of its 100 lakes and 12 river systems. Floatplane fishing flyout for one day (extra cost $375 per person) Flyout to your own personal lake for the day, accompanied by your guide, as you enjoy the most remote of fisheries and habitats. Floatplane trip to Barrenlands (6 hrs.) (extra cost $600 per person based on two) A trip 90 miles to the North, 1 mile from the Nunavut border, as you examine the beautiful Canadian tundra. Disclaimer: We do our utmost to ensure that information posted on our website is correct at the time of publication, however trip details are subject to change without notice by the suppliers and operators involved. We update the information as soon as possible when changes are advised to us, however, we cannot assume responsibility for such changes made by the suppliers and operators.

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